This is a big day for Alicia Keats Weddings & Events: we’re launching our new branding and website

It gives me so much joy to share our new look with you and to effectively step into a new chapter with my team. This transformation is a true labour of love, and it represents our evolution into a modern, elevated, welcoming brand—one that reflects the detail-oriented work we’re already doing with our wonderful couples. 

So, how did this change come about? 

It’s really the result of the more than ten years Alicia Keats Weddings & Events has been in business. When I first started, my logo was cute and artsy—just the right vibe for a young wedding planner opening her own business. But after a couple of years, my good friend Phoebe encouraged me to refine the look and feel of my brand. She helped me land on the coral, peach, white, and grey theme that has represented our team up until now. 

Today’s change comes from a lot of introspective thinking over the last year. The start of the pandemic was a very scary moment for me and my team. Overnight, we lost the work that we pour our hearts and souls into every day, we felt helpless as we navigated postponement after postponement and it almost felt like we were left without a purpose. It was a big pause that encouraged me to take a thoughtful look at where the company was, how much it had progressed in the last decade, and what I wanted it to look like over the course of the next ten years. 

After a lot of thought, I realized this pause was actually an opportunity for me to create a vision for where Alicia Keats Weddings & Events is going—and a rebrand had to be a part of that. Once again, Phoebe played an important role here. She pointed me towards Ashley & Malone, the amazing team who thoughtfully created our new look, and were the supportive presence I needed as I embarked on this meaningful next step for my company. 

Working with Ashley & Malone was a gift. They were so patient with me as I thought through and vocalized what I saw as the future of our brand—and they turned it into the beautiful work you can now see on the site. Echoing our goal to be elegant, elevated, and modern they have created a look and feel that channels all of those things and more. They transitioned our colour scheme to subtle greys, taupes, beiges, and heathers. Each tone is reminiscent of the colours we’ve infused into the beautiful weddings we’ve helped bring to life over the last decade. 

Anyone who works with us knows how detail-oriented we are. At every stage of planning—and through the execution of the event—me and my team are keenly aware of all the little pieces that make a wedding magical. Our incredible brand team did the exact same thing for us as they created this new brand. We have new fonts, new watermarks, and new logos, each small detail making up the image that represents who we are as a team. I could not be more grateful for what they produced and their patience, kindness, encouragement that they showed me.

This past year and a half has been difficult (to say the least!). As things start opening up and we’re able to plan and host weddings again, this new brand is a symbol of how we survived. Now, we’re stepping into whatever the next normal looks like for weddings and we’re sporting a new look that shows just how much we’ve grown up in the last ten years. 

You’ll see these changes across our platform including the website, our social media, and on our newsletter. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Looking forward to the next ten years with a heart filled with gratitude,

Alicia xoxo