About us

We provide the inspiration, the experience, and the integrity necessary to make every event perfectly unique.
Since your dreams and desires are particular to you as an individual, we believe that catering to your individuality is the key to an extraordinary wedding.

Getting to know you as a couple and helping to express your distinctive style as creatively and luxuriously as possible, is our most important goal. This philosophy underlies everything we do, from meeting you the first time to preparing you to walk down the aisle.

Meet our Founder

Alicia Keats

Creative Director

Although Alicia’s buoyant personality is often the first thing people notice about her, it’s only one of many qualities that she brings to her work as a wedding and event planner. With nearly eighteen years of experience, she delights in the unique opportunities she has been given to create refined, innovative, and highly personal weddings for every one of her clients.

Her diverse background includes many years in management and theatre arts. When she first began her wedding planning career with a local event planning company in 2006, she quickly gained a reputation for passion, creativity, and grace under pressure.
Her singular attention to the individuality of her clients produced scores of unforgettable weddings and laid the foundation for her current planning ethos. As soon as the moment arose for her to fully realize this vision, she knew that launching her own boutique planning service was the natural next step.

Under her creative and highly knowledgeable direction, she and her trusted team of associates have produced countless high-profile events—each one tailored to the desires of her discerning clientele—that have cemented her reputation as one of Canada’s premier event planners and one of the best wedding planners in the world according to Vogue Magazine. Her success in the field has been a testament to her imagination, her ingenuity, her integrity and especially her passion.

Alicia emphasizes the importance of connecting with people on a personal level, and she is known for making space in her heart for every one of her couples. She never ceases to be humbled by the trust and loyalty she has earned from each of them.
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Meet the team

Senior Principal Planner

Jamie-Lee Clooten

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Wedding Planner & Social Media Manager

Sabrina Chen

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Wedding & Event Planner

Rebekah Landon

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Wedding Planner & Production Coordinator

Dallas Roy

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Wedding Day Coordinator

Emily Crase

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Wedding Day Coordinator

Angie Lamb

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