Aileen + Richard are getting married this weekend and it is bitter sweet for me.

It is sweet because we have planned a beautiful wedding together with lots of elegant details and fun surprises. Colin Upright and Suzane Lee (GIF) will be working their magic and transforming the already opulent Hotel Vancouver’s Pacific Ballroom into a grand wedding celebration that Aileen and her mother have been dreaming about for years. The part that I am not looking forward to is not having my coffee dates with this fantastic, smart and hilarious couple. I am tearing up as I write this because their rehearsal is tonight which really means our planning is done and I am going to miss them.

Early on we bonded over calendars (I don’t care what you say Richard, Informant is the best calendar app around and I know Aileen backs me up on that!), the love of big big big flower arrangements and least of all-great coffee. It has been a privilege to be a part of planning their celebration. It was also one of the most fun planning experiences I’ve had due hugely in part to a first dance rehearsal video, photos of a certain puppy in a swing and a photo of a split lip prior to stitches that were sent to me during the planning process. I am going to miss you both terribly, more then you know, but I am looking forward to being by your side as you get married this weekend.

These beautiful photos are the work of the talents at Lucida Photography. Here is the full blog post by Melia. Thank you for letting us share!