Photo by Gucio Photography

I could not be more proud of this talented woman! We are thrilled to share that Aurora was a finalist at the BC Wedding Awards on Wednesday, in the category ‘Best Event Planning’. Now, let me share a little bit about this special wedding. Firstly, Aurora’s clients were the sweetest, kindest, down to earth people and a joy to plan for. They had a vision of getting married in a remote back-country lodge in the middle of winter but didn’t want to have to sacrifice any of the elements that a city wedding provides. This vision posed many logistical challenges, among them was that the lodge that was chosen was very remote (aka no cell service) and only accessible via a 45 minute snowmobile ride through the snowy mountains, or a 1.5 hour snowcat ride (which was only available twice a day).

Every single item involved in the wedding had to be transported to the lodge using one of these methods. The flowers, decor, favors, welcome baskets, slippers, hot chocolate and whiskey station supplies, the cake, the liquor, the food (the chef!), the MUA, the (crazy talented) photographer, the power (Yes! A generator was needed!!) etc not to mention the guests were transported this way. Another challenge that our wedding planner friends will appreciate, was that the venue coordinator only worked on Wednesdays.

Aurora was able to bring her couple’s vision to life, gracefully meeting each logistical challenge with solutions that exceeded expectations. It was truly a magical wedding. This beautiful photo captured by Gucio is of Aurora knee deep in snow placing candles in a circle for the intimate first dance. I promise to share more about this wedding in the near future, but for now, I want to congratulate my beautiful friend, my colleague, my inspiration, and my supporter: Congratulation Aurora!

With love, Alicia xoxo