By Aurora

This month we are excited to Welcome some of our favorite wedding make-up pros to share their favorite beauty products with you.  We thought it would be fun to start off by sharing some of our favorite products with you before calling in the true experts.  Here are some of my go to products:


Mascara: Diorshow by Dior  $28.00 (Sephora). Lots of thickening and lengthening but no smudging.


Lipstick/Gloss: Just Bitten Lipstain by Revlon in Passion Around $8.00 (Drug Stores). I’m too busy to re apply every hour and this is my solution. Lasts about three to four hours before you need to re apply. And it doesn’t dry out your lips like some of those long wear lip glosses do. A great lipstick to have on your wedding day!

Blush/Highlighter: Beauty Powder in Shell Pearl from MAC. $25.00

Long story with this one: I had a love affair with the MAC Limited Edition Barbie highlighter blush called Pearl Blossom and one horrific day it got confiscated at the airport because , and I quote, “Swabbed positive for explosives.”  I was devastated. But the security lady eyeing my compact looked pretty happy about it. I was heartbroken until I met Liberty London Limited Edition in Shell Pearl which has a similar Pink-peach shimmer look.

The moral of this story is limited edition makeup gives me anxiety!! And…buy two!

Foundation: Teinte Miracle by Lancome with SPF 15  $38.00 (Lancome counters). Liquid Makeup with medium coverage. This lasts all day on me and doesn’t look caked on. Natural finish, which I love.

Under Your Makeup? I swear by Olay Sensitive Skin All day moisturizer with SPF 15. It has a light lotion feel I put it on right before my foundation to make it sit more evenly. I have very sensitive skin, as far as cleansers and moisturizers go, so I rejoiced when a friend recommended this in college. I still use it everyday!

Next week we will be featuring Nadia Albano’s favorite beauty products.