Photos by: Lucida, Amber Hughes, Tessa Shannon, Jonetsu, Christine Pienaar

As wedding planners, our job is to help our couples navigate the planning process and bring their vision to life, ensuring their celebration is an extension of their love story and who they are as a couple. We bring our experience and industry relationships to the table and turn dreams into reality. We strive to take away any uncertainties, manage logistics and share our creativity so that our couples can focus on celebrating and enjoying the experience, surrounded by their loved ones.

Wedding planning is not an easy job, there are no do-overs and it is not a coincidence that event planners are listed as one of the most stressful jobs in numerous publications year after year. I would also think it is safe to say that any wedding planner who navigated their couples through covid can attest to the stress involved.

I am asked quite often about what it is like to be a wedding planner and if I love what I do and I personally feel that wedding planning is one of the most rewarding jobs that exists and I feel so lucky to be able to do a job I love and experience so much happiness and joy.

One of the best parts of being a wedding planner is the people I get to meet and know on a very personal level. I have had the opportunity to work closely with so many different couples over the last 18 years, getting to know them and their families intimately over the course of planning.

I have learned how to navigate the many challenges that can come up during the planning process, from family politics, differing perspectives and opinions, to bringing different cultures together to celebrate in their own ways. I’ve had the pleasure of working with couples that have been so generous in educating me and welcoming me into their cultures and traditions.

The wedding industry is also a very special place to work. It is filled with small business that have devoted their life’s work to creating once in a life time events. Each wedding has a small army of creatives behind it, bringing their unique skills to our couples. One of my absolute favourite parts of a wedding day is when the whole create a vendor team is working together in sync, and we can see all of our hard work coming to life. This industry is filled with hard working, passion driven, caring people.

I love that each wedding is a masterclass in love. It has allowed me to be a witness so many beautiful moments. Weddings are so unique in that they are truly a celebration of love and how each couple wants to share their love story, which makes each celebration so unique. During ceremonies, vows and speeches, I’ve been able to listen to many definitions and views on love and it’s given me the ability to expand my own understanding of love. I feel like I get to take away pearls of wisdom to use in my own life and relationships.

This lesson feels particularly valuable to me right now, when it seems like love is a missing piece in a lot of the conversations and discussions people are having around world events. Love — for each other, for humanity, to understand different perspectives and for love itself — has the potential to bring people together, and we witness this time and time again at the weddings we are a part of.

I love logistics and details as do the planners on our team. We are quick on our toes, fast solution finders and all love working as a team with our creative partners to exceed our couple’s expectations. We live by our spreadsheets and systems and relish the details.

I love that we get to use our creativity and passion in our work. Listening to my couples and then sharing with them how to make their ideas come to life in the most unique way really allows me to use my background in the arts and I love that day dreaming is a huge part of this. I am also passionate about food and connecting with people over food and this job has allowed me to experience some incredible meals and talk passionately with my couples about food, wine and entertaining, which I could do for hours!

Lastly, being a wedding planner has also let me be more present in the other roles I have in my life. As a mom, I’m really grateful that I can take my son to school, and pick him up at the end of the day. I get to be available to hear about his day and witness him learn new things, and I don’t take that for granted. 

Most often, I am able to bring my son with me when I do destination weddings, and he loves exploring new places with his dad while I am working. He attended his first wedding when he was five weeks old and the Rosewood Hotel Georgia made us feel so welcome and comfortable.

I have also had couples spoil my son and make sure I take left over treats home for him. A mother of one of my brides even made him his own goodie bag which he was over the moon about. I think he also thinks his mom has the coolest job ever, but really this is just my couples making me look good!

To anyone that is considering becoming a wedding planner, I will say this: yes, it is a hard job, and yes, it is a very emotional one, but it is incredibly rewarding.

One of my clients once said to me that I make an impact in the world, simply by helping people celebrate their love, and that is a pretty amazing job.