To say I’m excited to share this wedding with you would be a huge understatement. Nina and Martin’s special day was one for the books (and Wedluxe!). It brought together friends, family, and a loyal Dalmatian to celebrate this lovely twosome in some of the most beautiful scenery in British Columbia. Here’s a look at their wedding welcome dinner. 

Hand Painted Save The Date and invitation suite by Love by Phoebe

When we started planning, it was clear that Nina and Martin wanted three things for their wedding. First, they would host it in one of their favourite places: Pemberton. Second, it would be filled with stunning, elegant details that complemented the natural beauty that surrounded them. And third, it would bring together all of their favourite people and give them a day they would never forget.

Together, we created an event that captured this vision and so much more, with each element thoughtfully designed to represent the couple and their story. Over the next three posts, I’ll be sharing the details from the welcome party, the ceremony, and the reception—I really couldn’t contain all the wonderfulness in just one post!


Having their guests feel cared for was really important to both Nina and Martin. A couple months before the wedding, guests received a personalized, handmade leather luggage tag by Hello London Designs, this is just one of the many thoughtful touches they included for their guests.

Nina and Martin really showcased this priority at the welcome party the day before their wedding. 

Before kicking off the evening, guests arrived at the Pemberton Valley Lodge to check-in for the weekend and were greeted by welcome boxes that had been carefully curated by Nina herself. These included terry cloth slippers, tea, local jam, and Whistler chocolates. To top it off, guests also received a custom cookie from A.Elizabeth Cakes with a hand-painted portrait of the couple’s beloved Dalmatian, Maverick. How cute is that? The fridges in each room were stocked with food for the weekend, each grocery bag was customized to meet the dietary considerations of each guest. 

Guests were encouraged to bring their furry friends and they were also given their own gift box, which included personalized doggy treats.

When it came time for the welcome party itself, everyone was shuttled to Big Sky Golf Course for an intimate, relaxed dinner. There, they were met with a taste of the decor that would amaze them the next day—lucious white florals set against the unique blue haze of British Columbia mountains—and a selection of West Coast treats.

Alongside a suite of cocktails and a sit-down dinner, there was also Dee’s Donuts stand for guests to indulge in a sweet treat over the course of the evening. 

The Hairfarmers, a Whistler-based band, provided the music for the party and set the scene for people to get to know each other better before the main event.

To make this as easy as possible for their guests, Nina and Martin had a few tricks up their sleeves. First off, they made sure everyone had a name tag so there was no guesswork on that front. 

They also came up with the idea of using an “origin chart” to show how each individual was connected to the bride and groom. The way it worked was that there was a chart near the entryway, with pages for Martin’s friends and family, Nina’s friends and family, as well as a page for mutual friends of the couple. Each page had a collection of boxes and names, and guests were invited to take photos of themselves and stick them in the box above their name. The goal? To literally put faces to names! 

Everyone had a wonderful time at the party, and all the efforts to make people feel welcome truly paid off. By the time guests arrived at the ceremony the next day, it was as if they had all known each other for years. This made it the perfect environment for Nina and Martin to declare their vows to each other and step into the next chapter of their lives together. 

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