Nina and Nick’s wedding day was filled with statement pieces and was the perfect blend of traditional and modern elements. It was held at the Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club in Vancouver and was planned and designed by of senior planner, Jamie-Lee Clooten. What follows is her account of the event. 

When I first met Nina and Nick over a video call, I was immediately struck by how much we had in common. They love dogs (and have three of their own), love to be outdoors, and have a passion for people — all things that are near and dear to my heart. Plus, as a nurse and social worker, they are truly dedicated to making people’s lives better, and I loved the idea that I could give back some of that by helping to bring their wedding to life. So, when they got in touch to confirm that they wanted to work with me, I was thrilled. 

At the start of the planning process, Nina and Nick made it clear that they wanted to infuse their wedding day with both of their styles: modern for Nina and traditional with a wow factor for Nick. Other features that they both wanted to include was great food (which was a big reason for why they opted for the Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club), great music, a touch of the outdoors, and moments where they could celebrate the people in their lives.

The day started with Nina and her bridal party getting ready at her family home in Shaughnessy — with hair and make-up by The Love Team — and Nick and his groomspeople getting ready at the couple’s home. Something that was really cool about the wedding party is that both the bride and groom had a mix of genders, as they wanted the people that meant the most to them at their sides. I hope we continue to see this modern approach in upcoming weddings.

The first look and wedding party portraits took place at Nina’s family home, as well, and the couple was joined by one of their dogs, Rocco. The photographer for the day was Tessa Shannon, who Nina fell in love with immediately thanks to her ability to capture timeless, editorial photos with a modern twist. The end result was fantastic, and she captured the entire day beautifully.

The ceremony was held outdoors at the country club, with a friend of the couple’s playing songs from Spirited Away (one of their favourite movies) as they walked up and back down the aisle. The altar was made up of a collection of floral features with gorgeous and luxurious blooms from Tala Florist. The story behind how the couple chose this vendor was quite sweet. For years, Nick had bought all his Mother’s Day flowers from Tala, so when I happened to include it in my list of suggestions, it was an easy choice! 

After the reception, guests were invited to an outdoor cocktail hour filled with roaming snacks and three signature cocktails named after the couple’s three dogs (Rocco, Bambi, and Toby). Guests were also treated to a champagne tower that set the tone for the rest of the evening. Meanwhile, we were able to secure a golf cart to take the couple out onto the green for some more portraits. Given that Nina and Nick both love playing golf, this was a lovely treat for them both.

The reception space was where we really got to bring in Nick’s request for a wow factor. For the head table, we created a cherry blossom tree that was filled with candles and paper cranes in a nod to Nina’s Japanese heritage. The effect was sublime, and it really drew the attention to the couple in a unique way. We also had a smaller version of this tree acting as a guest book. At the Wishing Tree, guests could write down their notes or blessings for the couple and hang them off its branches.

The team at Debut Event Design was instrumental in making this all come to life, and I absolutely loved working with them on this.

For dinner, guests were treated to a leisurely four-course dinner filled with delicious food and wine. And later, in a nod to Nick’s Italian heritage, the team from the Cannoli King serve freshly filled cannoli. There were also two MC’s for the night — one from Nick’s side and one from Nina’s — and they did a fantastic job of keeping guests entertained and engaged. Other features for the evening included a photo booth, as well as a live artist that painted the scene in real time.

After dinner, it was time for dancing. Nina and Nick surprised their guests by taking them outdoors and giving them sparklers as they had their first dance. Then, on the dance floor, everyone had a fantastic time with DJ Shane from About Town Entertainment

To close off the night, guests were given taxi vouchers, as well as a golf ball party favour. 

Looking back on this wedding, I can easily say it’s one of my favourites. Working with Nina and Nick, I got to see them blossom in the process of planning their wedding. It was such a joy to help them find ways to bring their unique styles together, and getting to witness them truly enjoy every single detail on the day itself was an extremely rewarding experience for me.

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