Can you believe that 2020 was almost five years ago? We certainly can’t! That said, we have started to receive inquiries from couples who got married in 2020 and are now looking to celebrate their five-year anniversary in 2025. 

Did you get married in 2020 and want to celebrate that milestone? Here are five different ways you can celebrate your five-year anniversary in 2025. 


#1 Go big!

The vast majority of 2020 weddings were very different to how they were planned. Big weddings were replaced by small, intimate outdoor ceremonies. Some couples chose to celebrate their love at family homes instead of big venues, and others had a tiny outdoor ceremony followed by a lavish dinner with only one or two guests. 

Couples that left behind their original idea for a big wedding full of people can now recreate that vision in their five-year anniversary party. 

Five years in, it’s a great time to bring all your friends and family together. You can get the dance party you always wanted — and yes, it’s totally appropriate to use the playlist you created originally! Even if they are songs no one remembers anymore. Think of it as a fun nostalgic bonus. 

Give yourself the chance to mingle with all your guests. Have stand-up food stations filled with your favourite treats. Let your wedding party and parents give the speeches they likely still have saved in their Notes app. 

We promise you’ll have fun. 

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#2 Go small!

Yes, we do realize this may feel counterintuitive given our first suggestion. However, with over 17 years in the business, we know that couples can differ greatly in how they like to celebrate. 

You may not want to throw a big party, but you may still want to mark your five-year anniversary in a way that’s special to you and your partner. 

One option would be to plan an intimate private dinner at one of the many Michelin starred restaurants in Vancouver. Invite your immediate family, or the people that were part of your wedding party, but weren’t allowed to attend the actual wedding (or at least not in the way they planned). 

Whether you use this suggestion or plan something different, we recommend taking the time to celebrate the milestone with the people you really wanted with you on your big day.

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#3 Plan a vow renewal

Something that has always made an impact on me as a wedding planner is how meaningful it is when our couples make their commitments to one another in front of their community. It’s always a beautiful moment, but a lot of our 2020 couples didn’t get to experience it in the same way.

While our 2020 elopements did lead to some breathtaking intimate vows, we still think there’s something to be said for proclaiming your love to all your friends and family. 

A vow renewal doesn’t have to lead to a big party (although it absolutely can!). You can just plan to have a vow renewal ceremony — officiated by whoever you choose — and then have a sunset cocktail hour with all your favourite people before you head off for dinner just the two of you. 

The world is your oyster. 

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#4 Go on the honeymoon you didn’t have!

Travel in 2020 was a no-go, so a lot of our 2020 couples didn’t ever get the chance to go on a trip that was exclusively about them. (Especially since when travel did open up a lot of us took the chance to go and visit friends and family we had been kept away from.)

If you haven’t had a special trip together yet, then your five-year anniversary might be the time to do it! We hear Hawaii is gorgeous at this time of year.

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#5 Book an anniversary photo shoot

Maybe you didn’t get a lot of great photos from your 2020 wedding — and that’s understandable. So, why not book some time with your original photographer and have an anniversary photo session? 

Just make sure you print some of the photos afterward. Believe it or not, a lot of people forget to! 

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Bonus tip: 5-year anniversary gift

Traditionally, the gift for the five-year anniversary is made of wood, and we’ve always found that one particularly hard to make suggestions for. Here are some thoughts: 

  • Surprise your partner with an anniversary photo session in a wooded area like Spirit Pacific Park — and then frame your photos in wooden frames!
  • Plant a tree in your garden to mark the five years since your wedding. 
  • Find a unique wooden box and use it to store trinkets and memories from the last five years together. 

We’d love to hear if you have any other suggestions! 

Give yourself permission to celebrate

In talking to some of our 2020 couples, we’ve found that they are a bit hesitant to celebrate their wedding again. They sometimes feel like they’ve already done it once and that it might feel overindulgent to try and do it again five years later. 

You deserve to celebrate your love and your marriage in the way that feels right to you! You were robbed of the chance to do that before, and you should have the chance to have your celebration match your vision. 

If you’d like help with planning, we’re always here to chat. Get in touch and let us know what you’re thinking!