Sometimes, our couples are wanting to do the planning of their wedding themselves but are looking for design support at in those cases, our custom wedding package might be the right fit.

It’s why we’ve pride ourselves on offering custom packages to fit our couple’s different needs. For example, in some weddings, we help with creating the design and setting a foundation that the couple can then plan around. In others, we are brought on as wedding day managers, taking on the logistics of the day so the couple can just focus on enjoying it. And for some couples, we do both!

This was exactly the role we played in in this couple’s Vancouver Club wedding in 2019. We started out by getting to know the couple and understanding what they wanted their wedding day to look and feel like. This is always a fun part, as it gives us the chance to learn more about our clients—both as individuals and as a pair—and get the insights we need to create a vision that truly reflects them. At the end of the day, their wedding should be an event that guests instantly recognize as being an extension of the couple. 

We started by getting a sense of their aesthetic and asking about where they like to eat, what their home looks like, what their fashion preferences are, and what they like to read. We also spent time uncovering the type of experiences they wanted their guests to have. As we were talking, it was clear that our couple was looking for a classic and luxurious vibe for their big day, and where better to host it than the Vancouver Club?

Beyond suggesting the venue, we also presented a number of other vendors that aligned with our couple’s vision. This included Granville Island Florist for the flowers, Upright Décor for all of the decorative details, Lori from Sweet Pea Photography, as well as Flowerwall Vancouver for a stunning floral backdrop. 

The best part of being involved with the design is that we get a chance to really visualize what our couples want on their day. Then, if we’re also hired for wedding day management, we can hold on to that vision and make sure it’s executed to perfection by the time the couple enters the ceremony and reception spaces. That way, our couples can just glide through the day without having to worry about a thing—and we can’t ask for anything more!

Unsure of how involved you’d like your wedding planner to be? That’s ok! We’re happy to walk you through our different services. Get in touch.