I am catching the red-eye flight to Toronto on my way to Orlando Florida for Engage15, so what better time than now to share a few images from my time at Engage14 in Grand Cayman.

Attending an Engage Conference was something I had been dreaming about for years and last fall, I finally made that dream come true with a little nudge of encouragement. I was terrified and excited, but the second the plane landed on the beautiful Grand Cayman Island, I knew it was going to be worth all the butterflies.

The conference lasted for three days and was filled with inspiration and encouragement from like-minded wedding professionals that share the same passion and devotion for their clients as I do. My note book was filled by the time I had to return home to (rainy!) Vancouver.

I am so excited to see my Engage family again and to see what the talented Kathryn and Rebecca have in store for us this time. To see what I get up to this year, follow me on Instagram, I promise to try and post lots of photos.

With love,


Videography: I Do Films.

Event Photography by:

Carla Ten Eyck

Rebeca Davidson

Melissa Wolfe

David Wolfe

Better Angle

Picture This



Engage14_Cayman_Janet_Jarchow_225 Engage14_Cayman_Janet_Jarchow_058ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-0265 Engage14_Cayman_Melissa_Wolfe_038ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-9333 Engage14_Cayman_Melissa_Wolfe_047  Engage14_Cayman_Melissa_Wolfe_059 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_WELCOME_PARTY_DETAILS_-5 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_WELCOME_PARTY_DETAILS_-1 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_WELCOME_PARTY_DETAILS_-11 Engage14_Cayman_David_Wolfe_036 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-9766 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-9777 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-9797 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-9479  Engage14_Cayman_David_Wolfe_059 Engage14_Cayman_David_Wolfe_058 Engage14_Cayman_David_Wolfe_061 Engage14_Cayman_David_Wolfe_071 Engage14_Cayman_David_Wolfe_103Engage14_Cayman_David_Wolfe_099 Engage14_Cayman_Melissa_Wolfe_236 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-0194 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-0404 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_GALA_DETAILS_-12 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_GALA_DETAILS_-27 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_GALA_DETAILS_-14 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_CARLA_TEN_EYCK_PORTRAITS_-361 Engage14_Cayman_Melissa_Wolfe_081 Engage14_Cayman_Melissa_Wolfe_009 ENGAGE14_CAYMAN_REBECCA_DAVIDSON-0529