Photos by Blush Wedding Photography

If you’ve read any of the other articles on our blog, you know that each and every one of our couples is important to us. Getting to know them — both as individuals and as a pair — is a very big part of what inspires us to create beautiful events that reflect their characters and the experiences they want for their guests. This was very much the case when I worked with Laura and Julian to create their Fairmont Chateau Whistler wedding.

When I first met Laura in the fall of 2019, I instantly knew she was a kindred spirit. She is incredibly organized — something we have in common — and she had a very clear vision for what she wanted for her big day. For one, she wanted the celebration to take place in Whistler, where her family has a property. She hoped that a destination wedding would bring friends together to spend time together and celebrate, away from everyday matters and concerns. 

We originally planned to host their wedding in July of 2020, but that was unfortunately derailed by the pandemic, so we postponed it by a year. I can still remember how heartbreaking it was to come to that decision, even though it was the right one at the time. We still commemorated the original date: I went to Whistler with a small gift in hand, and while it was bittersweet, it was a special moment we got to share. 

As the 2021 wedding season came around, things weren’t looking promising, but Laura and Julian decided that they couldn’t keep postponing, and that they would celebrate their union within whatever restrictions were in place. It started looking like they would only be able to host 10 people for a ceremony and no reception. But things changed quickly as the day got closer! 

In a matter of three weeks, restrictions changed and we were able to increase the guest list and host an outdoor reception with dancing!! More and more, the vision that Laura had for her wedding was coming to fruition, and we got increasingly giddy with the anticipation of it. All of our wonderful vendors came together to change the plans and create a beautiful afternoon and evening at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler.

From the flowers from Billies House, who went the extra mile to ensure that Laura’s bouquet included a Protea – the national flower of South Africa, to decor from Bespoke Decor, and the beautiful hand painted cookies from Rain Bake Shop, every detail came together stunningly. And as each piece fell into place, it was hard not to get wrapped up in the emotion of it all. 

As you can imagine, this wedding was filled with wonderful, heartfelt moments. One of my favourite was Laura’s father’s speech. In it, he talked about how important it was to him to walk his daughter down the aisle — he was determined to make sure it happened. He also shared a really special story about how many of his friends had daughters the same age as Laura, and that they had father-daughter trips for years. 

This story, and how guests responded to it, really solidified how special my job is — particularly in these times. So often, as provincial regulations were set, they painted weddings under the same broad stroke as “parties.” To me, weddings are so much more than just gatherings. They are about a community coming together to celebrate a couple and show their support as they step into their lives together.

I love working with my couples to make their vision a reality. Do you have some clear ideas for what you want your wedding to look like? Let’s chat about how I can help make that happen.