This week we are featuring Gaby Ramirez’s favorite beauty picks. Gaby has been a professional makeup artist since 2001 with experience in fashion, film, TV and of course weddings. Gaby is exceptionally talented at making each and every one of her clients feel and look beautiful. Gaby takes a personal approach to make-up artistry and prides herself on giving her clients exceptional service.

Image courtesy of Nora and Chris Photography


I love this foundation for everyday wear! It gives a beautiful glow and provides a seamless look for the whole day! It feels extremely light on your skin and has a silky hydrating texture that helps minimize the appearance of pores. It also build’s nicely to achieve perfect coverage. I apply it right after my facial moisturizer in order to allow my skin to absorb it better which, in turn, allows it to last longer. Best of all, there is a colour for all skin shades!


This toner is one of my “must haves” in both my professional and personal kit. For flawless makeup we need to start with good skin preparation! The best way to ensure that all the products we apply to our skin, such as moisturizer, foundation and eye shadow are going to stay on for hours is to maintain pH balanced skin.  This fantastic formula not only gives you this balance instantly (our body produces this natural pH balance or Protective Mantel 5 hours after we wash or clean our face) but as well tones and keeps the elasticity of your skin. I love to spray it right before applying moisturizer, during and after the process of blending the foundation and after the makeup is completely done to give a beautiful glow.


I can’t live without them! It provides a beautiful softer line compared to liquid liner. With these fluidliners your options are unlimited! Long wearing and the colors are amazing!


I was asked by one of my clients, “If you were stranded on a deserted Island and you could only bring with you one makeup product, which one would it be?” I responded, “MASCARA!” It has amazing power to enhance your look even if it’s the only thing you are wearing. The Color Me Beautiful brand is my absolute favorite because of it’s waterproof formula (that actually works). It gives volume and length while strengthening the natural quarantine on your lashes!