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Wedding Planning by Alicia Keats | Wedding Photography by Lucida photography

Annie and Kai were married this past summer at the stunning private property called Green Water Resort in Pemberton British Columbia (just outside of Whistler). Their wedding was filled with DYI projects and personal details (including love notes, tepees, a homemade dessert buffet and a bonfire with smores and hot coco) and most importantly it was filled with so much love. It was very clear to me that Annie and Kai were loved deeply by their friends and family and that was evident from the second I met their friends an family at the rehearsal in the lobby of Annie and Kai’s apartment, to the dumpling party we were treated to on set up day at the resort, to the emergency care (more on that later) Annie received the night before the wedding and of course throughout the wedding day it’s self. Everyone that surrounded Annie and Kai wanted to help them have the best day ever!

Annie, Kai and I began the planning of their wedding almost a year to the date before their wedding and I felt it was love at first sight. I don’t know if it was the love of fried chicken, the understanding of what makes a perfect dumpling or the love of donuts that made us click instantly, it was just a good fit from the start. I had so much fun working on the logistics with them and creating an all-star team to execute their wedding dreams. First priority after photography was food and they took a chance and trusted my love of food and my recommendation that Bearfoot Bistro would create a menu to die for and they did! The meal was served family style with local produce fresh from the farms around Pemberton, my favorite part was the mini cedar planks that they served the salmon on, such attention to detail! Working along side me in the wedding magic department was the insanely talented Emily Cheng, Billy’s Flowers, Musical Occasions and Rental Network to name a few.

The night before the wedding after we completed the majority of the set up Annie twisted her ankle (it was actually quite severe as we learned later).  Annie took it in stride and her friends once again did everything they could to help her through the pain. Annie and Kai were very hands on with their wedding so knowing that it would be so disappointing to her not to see the rest of the set up happen on the wedding morning, I shot mini videos and showed them to her as we added the finishing touches. Annie was so brave and through the pain managed to walk down the aisle. My favorite moment of the ceremony was when, as Annie and Kai walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, Kai picked her up and carried her the rest of the way. That is love. In sickness and in health.

There are so many wonderful memories from this wedding, but I will share just one more of my favorite which had to do with the talented guitarist we had from Musical Occasions. At the end of the ceremony, he led the guests while playing his guitar to the cocktail reception area by the pond and then took one request after another. At one point a group of Annie’s girl friends started a sing-along with him that had me in tears as they serenaded Annie and she danced (as best she could!).

Annie and Kai as your one year anniversary is approaching, I am sending you so much love, best wishes and no more injuries to ankles or knees!

With love Alicia,


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