Photography by Jenn Best Photography

Make up by Denise Elliott Beauty Co.

It is that time of year, the time of year when things slow down a tiny bit and the world seems to pause to catch it’s breath and reflect and focus on things that truly matter.

This holiday season I will be in Montreal with my brother’s new little family. We welcomed a sweet little baby girl into our lives a few weeks ago and I am an auntie again and couldn’t be more happy and excited! I am looking forward to long days cozied up with her, whispering to her all the things I am going to share with her as she grows up.  My brother and I are so close and it has been a hard adjustment for me when he decided to move out East (first New York, now Montreal) as I can’t seem him as much as I would like. It is going to be very hard to leave my sweet baby niece after my visit, knowing that she will be so much bigger the next time I see her. I have learned through the experience of my brother moving away, that the phone calls, skype dates and visits are so much more precious and I know my niece and I will be able to rely on the same things (once she is big enough!). I am also a bit worried about the cold of Montreal as I am a sunshine kinda gal, so wish me luck!

How are you celebrating the holidays? I hope you are taking sometime to be with your loved ones and will have a chance to fill your bellies with lots of yummy food and drink.  I wish you lots of rest and warmth during these next few days.

I will also be taking sometime to reflect on what an incredible year we had here at Alicia Keats Weddings + Events and I will be doing a mini re-cap post next week.

Lastly, I want to thank my dear friend, Jenn Best, for asking me if she could shoot some images of me working around the Christmas season. During the holidays I work remotely as work slows down for a few weeks (this year from Montreal and not Palm Springs!), and it was a lot of fun sharing how I balance celebrating the holidays and work. She also caught me writing our annual holiday cards for our creative friends and clients. I am so grateful for her talent and for her pushing me to share a bit of my heart with you and showing my face! I am not comfortable in front of the camera but she always puts me at ease.

Happy holidays dear readers!