We are thrilled to welcome Ms. Jayna Marie to our blog this Monday morning to share her advice on keeping skin healthy and happy, who doesn’t want that?! Jayna Marie is a Vancouver based hair and make-up artist, who has been beautifying brides for years! Thank you for these great tips Jayna!


Image by Studio Jeanie.

When I work with a client, I am always focused on her desire to stand out on her wedding day. My ultimate goal is that instead of the guests saying “What beautiful makeup!” , they say “Wow…what a beautiful bride!”. In my opinion, there is a big difference between the two. One of the ways a bride can make sure she’s looking her absolute best is to focus on some of the following tips. Personally, I believe there are many amazing products out there to choose from and a beautiful makeup depends more on how you use those products rather than which ones you purchase. Good skin, in my opinion, is the very most important part of a beautiful face. It makes the perfect canvas for a wedding day makeup- no matter how natural or dramatic the bride wants to be. Here are some tips for the best skin possible!

1. WATER, PLEASE!! I can tell right away if my client isn’t getting enough H20. Stay hydrated! When you have enough water in your body, your skin actually looks more plump – even fine lines are less noticeable! On top of all that, drinking enough helps with digestion, it prevents headaches, makes sure toxins are flushed from your body AND helps stop bloating….so you to look more slim! To make sure you’re getting enough, try drinking 1litre per day for every 50 lbs. that you weigh. (ie: a 150lb. woman should drink 3 litres!)

2. UDO’S OIL- If you’re getting enough water and your skin still looks dry, you may not be getting enough Essential Fatty Acids. Udo’s oil is the perfect blend and is also vegetarian. (I like to drizzle a tablespoon over my salad with some balsamic vinegar). If oil isn’t something you can stomach, try adding some salmon or avocado to your diet! A good way to tell if you’re missing out on EFA’s is if your skin always looks matte- without a natural glow. You’ll notice that by increasing the amounts of healthy fats, your hair will look more shiny too!

3. EXFOLIATION – It’s really hard to create a beautiful makeup when a client has dry, flaky skin. Most of the time, the solution is simple- just exfoliate! There’s no need to purchase an expensive product. You can make your own at home with sugar or even just by gently massaging your skin with a cloth. Getting rid of dead skin regularly also helps to prevent breakouts.


4. PEROXIDE- If you have issues with blemishes and breakouts, look for a product that has a good amount of peroxide as it’s active ingredient. My favorites are the “Clarifying Night Cream” by ProActiv Solution and “Acne Solutions Emergency Gel Lotion” by Clinique which has 5% benzoyl peroxide and anti-inflammatory ingredients as well.

BONUS TIP FROM JAYNA MARIE: INDIVIDUAL LASHES- I realize these don’t have to do with skin care but I had to mention them! I love how natural and flawless they look- plus they’re so comfortable to wear and long lasting too!

Images are all courtesy of Jayna Marie.