Time flies when you are having fun!


Phoebe + Stephen are getting married in just a few days. It’s hard to believe it’s almost here, I had such a great time planning with them, time has truly flown by. Phoebe and I hit it off right way, we both felt like we had met each other before and spent the first few months of the planning process trying to think of where we had met. I eventually came to the conclusion that we were just meant to be. We had fun planning her wedding over good coffee, indulgent treats, tasty meals and lastly a timeline meeting at Aphrodite’s with yummy pie and melted vanilla ice cream.

Stephen + Phoebe are best friends and have been together for a very long time. It is clear that their relationship is filled with care, love and deep a respect for one another and not only is it a joy to beĀ  around them, but a lot of fun too.

We have so many great things planned for their wedding. The day is truly going to be a reflection of their personalities, their passions and the people they love. They are including their entire church congregation in their reception, as they both grew up together in their church. I can only imagine how special it must be for those around them to be a part of the celebration after watching them fall in love. Phoebe is the creative designer at Love By Phoebe and the wedding day is going to be filled with her personalized touches. I don’t want to give too much away in case any of her guests see my post, but she did post a few sneak peaks on her Fan Page if you want to take a look.

Only a few more sleeps to go-I can’t wait!

Thank you to Ophelia Photography for the beautiful image from their engagement shoot.