Devin and Jesse’s romantic West Coast wedding was held on Grouse Mountain. The entire day celebrated this couple’s love while also featuring all the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. This wedding was planned and designed by one of our amazing planners, Jamie-Lee Clooten. What follows is her account of the event. 

When I first met Devin and Jesse, it was clear to me that they adored each other. The couple met by a twist of fate when Jesse first moved to New York City and Devin was about to move to the West Coast, and they’ve spent the years since they met building a loving and giving partnership. 

Even though they lived in New York, Devin and Jesse had their hearts set on celebrating their wedding in Vancouver, at the top of Grouse Mountain. This venue held a lot of meaning for them as it was the first place Jesse took Devin when they visited Vancouver together. It was on that day that Devin fell in love with the BC mountains and the stunning Vancouver skyline.

If they were going to get married in Vancouver — and show off the best of the city to their guests New York and elsewhere — that’s where it had to happen. 

One thing I want to note about this wedding is that I not only worked very closely with the couple, but also with Devin’s mother, Abbe. Abbe was an absolute joy to work with throughout the whole planning process: it was clear that she wanted the best for her daughter, and she showed up to every meeting with that energy. 

Once the venue was secured, we got to work choosing the theme and colour scheme for the event. Devin really wanted us to feature the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, blending it with romantic and timeless elements. We would accomplish this by featuring the warm, natural wood of the venue, incorporating lots of candles, and choosing flowers and colours that reflected the hues of the mountains, the sunset, and regional flora. 

With all that in mind, we set out to find the perfect creative team. For starters, we reached out to the dynamic duo behind The Apartment Photography. Devin and Jesse were immediately drawn to Cat and Jeff’s moody and romantic styling, and we felt they would capture the day perfectly. What I also love about Cat and Jeff is that they are always completely present and hands-on during the day, so our couples always feel completely comfortable and safe with them. 

For the decor, we worked with the teams at Bespoke Decor and Koncept Events. Their work was complemented beautifully by the florals from Southland Floral. Together, these teams did a fantastic job of bringing Devin’s vision to life, truly celebrating the beauty of this part of the world with subtle and warm hues, lots of local foliage, and elements and flowers that glowed in the evening sunlight. 

Looking back on the day itself, it started with Devin and her bridal party getting ready at an AirBnB that she booked in North Vancouver. The space had a Pacific Northwest vibe with exposed wood beams, the forest in the backyard, and secret alcoves. Save the Date Beauty did hair and makeup, and the results were beautiful. Devin was absolutely glowing. 

Once they were dressed, Devin did a first look with her dad, which was a really sweet moment. 

After that, they went to find Jesse in the forest. Their first look as a couple was at the Capilano Salmon Hatchery, which Jeff and Cat recommended as an ideal location. 

Pro tip: your photographers will know some of the best spots for photographs, so make sure to lean on their expertise when choosing a location for your first look or wedding portraits. 

Needless to say, the photos from that moment were just sublime. They then took a private gondola ride up the mountain, and got even more beautiful photographs.

Meanwhile, guests arrived at the base of the mountain in shuttles, and also took the gondola up. They were greeted at the summit with sparkling wine and a spectacular view of the city below. 

While we were expecting a warm August evening for the wedding, we know that the weather on the mountain can be unpredictable. Sure enough, we had some moody skies and showers leading up to the ceremony, but the rain cleared just in time for the couple to say “I do.” 

The weather may have been volatile, but it was both striking and beautiful. As guests sat for the ceremony, the moment felt charged and enchanted against the dramatic backdrop of the stormy clouds. This was followed by a gorgeous sunset and the serenity that comes with golden hour. It felt like the ideal setting for celebrating Devin and Jesse’s romantic wedding. 

The ceremony itself was beautiful and held one of my favourite moments of the afternoon: Jesse’s vows. As he spoke about his love for Devin, you could hear soft gasps from some of the guests. He said he wished that he had two hearts so that he could love Devin as much as he knew she loved him — and the whole room was in happy tears. 

Another wonderful feature of the ceremony was that Jesse’s dad, Barry, was the officiant. He was very nervous, and really wanted to do a good job of it, and it turned out beautifully. 

For cocktail hour in the Timber room, guests were serenaded by Reul from VanHatten Entertainment while they enjoyed an array of wonderful food. Abbe had worked with the chef to choose a selection of seafood and other delights. 

At this time, we also made the audio guestbook available. Guests could pick up a rotary phone and leave a voice message for the couple. 

The guests were then invited to have a seat for dinner in the Altitude Bistro. Here, they were greeted by a completely custom West Coast menu that included seafood and local produce. At this point in the evening, the skies had cleared and the whole space was filled with the soft glow of the sunset. 

The couple sat at a sweetheart table, with chairs that looked like small thrones. These had been chosen specially by Jesse, as he wanted to sit comfortably and regally next to his new wife. You could see they were filled with joy throughout the evening, as Devin’s brother fulfilled his MC duties and kept everyone engaged and entertained. 

For dessert, we had a wedding cake from Ganache Patisserie in Yaletown, as well as a dessert table that featured both American and Canadian treats. On the American side, we had New York style cookies and cannoli, and on the Canadian side there were Beaver Tails and poutine. (I personally had a really fun time watching the American guests come up curiously to the Beaver Tail station only to realise that they were pastries, not actually beaver tails!) 

The rest of the evening was spent dancing to fantastic music from Vancouver-based Trilojay. The dance floor was packed for the whole night and most guests ended up staying until the very end of the event.

I had so much fun planning this wedding with Devin, Jesse, and Abbe. It’s so clear that this couple is meant to be together, and that made it such a joy to collaborate on bringing their vision to life. I also loved that we got to showcase the best of BC, and I truly believe that we gave guests a night they’ll always remember. 

Are you thinking of having a timeless West Coast wedding? We’d love to hear what you’re thinking!