Wedding Planning by Alicia Keats | Wedding Photography by Adam and Kev Photography

Shar and Mitch are such a lovely couple and I really enjoyed working with them. We had similar tastes and ideas and it was a delight for me to plan their wedding. Vancouver is such a small world… when I arrived for our consultation I immediately remembered Shar from high school, where we were in an acting program together. Who knew that fast forward a few years and we would be working together on her wedding!

Shar and Mitch had a Poruwa ceremony (a traditional Sri Lankan wedding ceremony with Buddhist influences), followed by a civil ceremony. The Poruwa ceremony takes place on a beautifully decorated wooden platform, and involves a series of symbolic rituals and blessings performed by the bride, groom, and their families. Upright Décor did a fantastic job with the décor for the ceremony, as did Granville Island Florist – the delicate flower backdrop was spectacular.

When I saw Shar on her wedding day, I literally had to catch my breath with how beautiful she looked. Her saree was custom made and she looked absolutely stunning in it. Both Shar and Mitch love beer; in fact, Mitch works at the acclaimed Dageraad Brewing, so having kegs brought in for the wedding was a must. I loved the personal touches like this that they incorporated into their wedding.

Each guest was given a tiny glass vase containing a hand-peeled-back white rose, made by Suzane at Granville Island Florist. Their ceremony music was beautifully played by Shar’s young cousin, Revan, and their stunning cake was made by Ganache.

It was clear that this couple had an amazing connection: I could see the love, friendship and connection between them all throughout the time I spent with them, and I was so happy to share their day with them. I am still secretly wishing that Shar will come and work with me, as she has amazing taste for all things wedding! 🙂

With love,

Alicia xoxo