Pam and Yves’s Fairmont Pacific Rim wedding was an ode to love. With a touching tea ceremony, original vows, and friends and family that were eager to celebrate the couple, all the elements came together to create a beautiful, memorable day. But it wasn’t a smooth road to get there!

In what can only be described as a wedding planner’s nightmare (that is before I had experienced a pandemic!), I received a call from my couple’s wedding venue letting me know that they had been served a strike notice. This was 48 hours before the wedding.

Before I reached out to Pam and Yves to let them know what was happening, I wanted to make sure I could find an alternative venue and have a solution to present to them. If there’s something I’ve learned in my years in the industry, it’s that you should always have a solution to go with every problem that comes up. I reached out to everyone I knew, and by a wonderful stroke of luck, we were able to secure space at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. Pam and Yves were completely happy with the change, and that left us with 30 hours to inform all the guests and vendors about the new location.

Invites by Minted

There are two things I learned from this experience. First, it prepared me for the massive amount of pivoting and contingency planning we’ve had to do for our couples during the pandemic. Second, it reminded me of how lucky I am to work in Vancouver’s wedding industry. Everyone I reached out to after I heard from the venue called me back or sent messages with suggestions—and that made finding a solution so much easier. It’s a true reflection of how much this community works together and rallies for each other. 

Pam and Yves were also the perfect clients in this situation. They trusted me and my team completely, and knew that we would still manage to execute the best possible day for their wedding. 

The day started with some door games or chuangmen, where Yves and his groomsmen had to pass a series of “tests” to be allowed into Pam’s parents’ house. After some impressive tissue box twerking, he was in!

Once everyone was settled in the Pacific Rim, the couple hosted a traditional tea ceremony with their parents and elders. Pam and Yves served tea to their family members in exchange for gifts, red envelopes, and words of wisdom. To me, this is always such a special part of a wedding. It’s a beautiful, intimate moment that really helps set the tone for the rest of the day. 

As Pam and Yves changed out of their traditional outfits, their guests started arriving at the stunning ceremony space. (Even with the change in venue, we managed to get everyone there on time!) The aisle was framed by gold chairs and led up to a blush, white, and pink floral structure by Celsia Florist that was complemented by velvety eucalyptus leaves. It all fit so well, and it was like this accidental new venue was actually meant to be! 

Accompanied by a simple violin and acoustic guitar duo, Pam looked angelic as she walked down the aisle with her father. Her bouquet matched the rest of the flowers in the room, and added another element of sweetness to the ceremony. Led by their officiant, a friend of the couple’s, Pam and Yves said their own vows to each other—and they didn’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Cocktail hour was filled with fun elements. Small sliders, signature cocktails, and Pam’s small dogs all made an appearance. As an added treat for guests, there was a picture of the couple that they could use to write notes and good wishes. 

While the guests were finishing up the cocktail hour, we took a few minutes to take the bride and groom to the reception space so they could take a peek. If you read our blog post on room reveals, you’ll know what happened next. When Pam first walked into the room, tears filled her eyes. Despite the sudden change in venue, we were still able to bring her vision to life. 

The room was filled with tables covered in luxurious cream tablecloths, with golden cutlery and candlesticks. The white flatware was the perfect backdrop for tall, statement centrepieces that held up the same peach and pink flowers that framed the couple during the ceremony. Matching the flowers was their delightful wedding cake, which was placed at the top of an ombre tower of pink and cream macarons.  

Before they danced the night away with their friends and family, Pam and Yves played the wedding shoe game, answering questions about who’s tidier, who shops more, and who’s the most romantic. It was the perfect lighthearted moment to completely forget about all the stress that led up to this wonderful day.

If you’re starting to plan your wedding and want to talk about your vision, please reach out. We’d love to chat with you about it!