Jacqueline and Derek’s Vancouver Club winter wedding will always hold a special place in my heart. Not just because they were incredible to work with,  that they had a beautiful vision for their wedding day, that they were so in love and that all of their guests knew how to fill a dance floor,  but also because their wedding was the last wedding we did before COVID-19 made it’s way to Canada.
Jacqueline and Derek were married in February 2020 just before the world changed forever. The spark and love that came from their wedding got me through a lot of hard months in early 2020. It is surreal looking through the photos and remembering that in a few short weeks following their wedding, our industry was shut down. I can also imagine, in the months that followed, that their guests also were so appreciative of this connection and love they were able to experience as we all started living with physical distance between us.
In planning their wedding, Jacqueline and Derek wanted to ensure that while their wedding would be beautiful (thanks to Botany & Bloom) and heartfelt, they really wanted it to be fun and not stuffy, so they ditched the sit down dinner and went with a more casual cocktail style reception with Chef Stations that highlighted the culinary creations from some of their favourite travels together.
Their wedding was full of light and laughter as they danced the night away! It was such a pleasure and honour to be a part of this wedding, thank you Jacqueline and Derek!
It was a pleasure as always to work with Denise Elliott and her team and DJ Pri, who always fills the dance-floor!
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