Small weddings are a beautiful opportunity to craft intimate moments for our couples — and Jillian and Matt’s Vancouver elopement was that and so much more. 

Before the pandemic, Jillian and Matt had planned to have their wedding in Alberta. Like many other couples, they were forced to postpone their big day, and as they got further and further from the original date, they realized that it made more sense for them to have a smaller, more intimate event. They wanted it to be a well planned, detail-oriented affair that they would remember for decades to come. 

When Jillian and I first talked on the phone, we connected immediately. Even though we barely knew each other, we were sharing personal stories and ideas within just a few minutes — it was a partnership made in heaven. Once she decided to work with me, we landed on a custom package that would meet her vision. We would help with the design and then support on the day itself so that she and Matt could think about each other and nothing else. 

Over a month and a half of planning, we gathered a selection of amazing vendors that would bring this delicate vision to life. Hycroft Manor would provide the perfect, elegant backdrop to the ceremony. The Apartment Photography would capture Jillian and Matt’s love effortlessly, as well as the light that filled the space and Granville Island Florist would provide the incredible florals.

Like with many of our weddings in the last two years, we had to pivot a number of times as the wedding restrictions changed. While we initially thought we could host a small dinner for four people after the ceremony, restrictions changed so that receptions were completely disallowed and the couple was only able to have a couple of witnesses at the ceremony itself.

One of my very favourite moments in this wedding was when Jillian and Matt exchanged their vows. As they only had a couple of witnesses at the ceremony, their vows were unabashedly raw and honest. They made deep and vulnerable commitments to each other, and that’s not something you typically see when there’s a large “audience” of guests. We all felt honoured to be able to witness their deep commitment and love for one another in such a private and personal way.

Standing to the side, I got the chance to see just how much these two people love each other — and it was an absolutely beautiful thing. I felt both honoured and privileged. And after nine months of not running a single wedding, it reminded me of why I love my work as much as I do.

It’s a moment I’ll cherish for the rest of my career. 

If you’re looking to have a small intimate wedding, I’d love to help bring that vision to life with you. Please get in touch and let me know how I can help.