I wanted to take a moment to send all of you and your loved ones our best wishes over the holiday season from myself, Aurora and our team.

December is a special time of year and I love that the holiday season seems to cause us all to catch our breath and focus on the people we love and are loved by. Even in the hustle and bustle of last minute chores and tasks, it seems to me that people are a bit more kind, thoughtful and patience with one another.

As I am wishing you a happy holidays, I can hear my family in the kitchen preparing dinner and laughing together. What a wonderful sound laughter is. Isn’t it magical when it is contagious and irrepressible? I better go and join them-make sure it is not me they are laughing about! 😉

It is my wish that you are able to spend sometime with your loved ones this holiday and build some new memories that you can laugh about for years to come.

Happy holidays!


Photo by Randal Kurt, table designed by Aurora Buchanan